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Advanced Navigation
Equipped with extremely accurate built-in navigation and collision prevention systems, our robots are safe and effective even when humans, vehicles or cattle are present.
Outdoor Use
Built tough to tackle outdoor and off-road terrains.

Weatherproof to withstand rain and snow in temperatures ranging from -5 to +120 degrees F.

Designed to work 24/7/365.
Easy Integration
ONVIF format IP-cameras easily integrate into your existing video management system.

Open architecture allows deep customization to perform multiple applications with additional equipment.

Cost Efficient
Affordable and cost efficient solutions tailored for your individual needs.

Robots are available for immediate orders.
Our security robots help you:
Decrease Your Security Costs
The cost of robots is lower than employing human security guards. Robots don't need vacations, health insurance, uniforms, sick leave, or the like. The Future is already here and robots are more affordable than human staff.
Ensure Proper Patrolling
With our security robots you can rest assure that your property is being properly patrolled in any weather condition, day or night, every day. Robots don't get tired or fall asleep at a shift.
The best application is to employ robots together with human security guards at a monitoring station.
Enforce an Omni-directional Protection of Your Property
Robots allow you to implement additional security equipment that a human guard cannot offer. ID recognition systems, thermal cameras and sensors, and many other types of equipment may be installed on the robot. You can even deter pest birds and insects using your security robot in addition to the protection of your property against intruders.
Rhino Security Robot Presentation
How Rhino Security Robot Can Help You
Know more about RHINO security robot
Demonstration of maneuverability of RHINO
Demonstration of RHINO
RHINO in autonomous mode
After a quick and easy set up your robot will be ready to follow a custom route (up to 15 miles long), day by day and month by month with only short breaks needed for charging. You can adjust or change the route literally in seconds anytime you need to.

We can customize your robot by installing virtually any type of equipment such as cameras, license plate recognition, thermal cameras, face recognition, bird deterrent systems, mosquito traps, active security systems, and hundreds of other additional devices.

Operation time is up to 12 hours between charging for the electric version and 48 hours or more for the hybrid version. Charging time is 3-6 hours depending on battery type.

Robots are ready for immediate order. Order now and receive your robot within 30 days.

All our robots are equipped with the Collision Prevention System which renders them safe for people, vehicles or animals.

Our robots are ideal for multi-directional protection of large sites:
Parking Lots
Golf Courses
Air & Sea Ports
Rhino Outdoor Security Robot

This robot combines one of the best CCTV security surveillance system with a fully autonomous, robotized, self-moving platform.

4 IP-cameras provide security officers at a monitoring station post with a sharp and high-quality picture while the robot moves along a prescribed patrolling route or stands on a specified observation point.

The basic configuration includes 4 IP-cameras, DVR and 2-way communication system. This equipment may be easily replaced or amended by virtually any other equipment according to your needs and requirements.

Financing options available.

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