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Make Em Move Robotics is a subdivision of Make Em Move Manufacturing LLC and Flock Free Bird Control Systems and Services LLC.

Located in Lakewood, New Jersey, our company is the master distributor of
SMP Robotics on the East Coast.

We assemble robots. We integrate robots with your systems. We look for the best solutions of your tasks and we find them. We provide trainings and maitenance. And we do care about you.

We have various solutions for a very wide variety of problems. We help you to protect your property against damage caused by birds, mosquitos, rodents and unwelcome intruders.

All our solutions are modern, effective and cost efficient.

Located in Lakewood, NJ, Make Em Move is a family-owned and operated business which develops, designs, manufactures and distributes high quality and extremely effective products for security, bird control, mosquito control and rodent control.

Since 2007, we are committed to your satisfaction and take pride in our humane and efficient products and services.

Make Em Move and Flock Free offer a wide variety of products & services that range from simple to hi-tech. From spikes to robots, we can assist you with any pest problem you are encountering. If we do not have a solution readily available, we will find or create one for you using our years of knowledge and our experienced contacts in the industry.

All products manufactured by Make Em Move are green, effective and forward thinking.

We believe managing both the manufacturing component of Make Em Move along with the service entity of Flock Free sets us apart from other bird control professionals. Our familiarity and faith in our products coupled with reliable and experienced service technicians and engineers allows us to offer our customers a truly unique experience.

If you are interested in getting to know more about full range of our pest control products, please visit our main website:

SMP Robotics is a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots, an international corporation with its headquarters in California and offices in many countries. Having a range of geographic locations for its offices allows for real-world pilot testing of how the robots operate in various climatic conditions.

The company started to design robots in 2009, due to a growing demand out of the security services sector for mobile video surveillance operation at large facilities. As of now, proprietary technology in the field of mobile robotics is securely protected by more than ten patents.

The main goal of SMP Robotics is to create and expand a market segment of a totally new class of products: small-sized autonomous commercial robots.

We will be happy to tell you more about our robots!

Contact us now and get to know how robots can help you to solve your tasks!

Make Em Move Manufacturing LLC
644 Cross Street, Unit 4
Lakewood, NJ, 08701

p. 732 987 5400

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