The robots designed by SMP Robotics together with Make Em Move Robotics are open-architecture platforms and have virtually hundreds of applications in many industries with various additional equipment installed

Here are just some examples:

SMP S5 Outdoor Security Robots

- 6 cameras providing 360 degrees picture

- ONVIV compatible: easy integration into your existing video management system

- Optional alarm triggers and 2-way audio transmission available, depending on your tasks

- Thermal vision cameras, license plates recognition, face recognition, staff identification and many more options are available

- Automated following prescribed route (up to 15 miles long), obstacle avoidance and on-demand remote driving to get to a scene as quickly as possible

SMP S5-s Solar Powered Security Robots

- Full functionality of Security Robots amended with Solar Powers for extended operation time

- Ideal solution for large land sites situated in sunny states

- Transmission data by high-power wi-fi channel or optional
4G LTE or satellite channels

SMP S6 Gas Leaks Inspection Robot

- Robot is equipped with several remote gas leak detectors

- Designed to work at oil and gas refineries, gas and fuel transportation systems, gas storages, etc.

- Special spark-less electric drive system allows to use robot in explosion-dangerous or poisonous conditions helping people to state out of dangerous situations and preventing human accidents

SMP S3 Thermal Image Inspection Robot

- Solution for thermal inspection of high-voltage power lines and electrical substations

- Robot automatically moves by prescribed route along power lines or other equipment and obtain a thermal image

- When robot recognizes exceeding of temperature limits, robot sends an alert signal to a control post

- Thermal cameras may be combined with security cameras or other equipment depending on actual tasks
SMP S8 Mosquito Control Robot

- Equipped with one of the most effective mosquito traps in the World using multi-directional smart system to attract and catch mosquitoes

- Robot automatically delivers the trap where it is needed, increasing coverage of each trap by hundreds times

- Eliminates necessity to control many traps and related labor costs

- Robot provides efficient protection of your property against mosquitoes and other flying insects who potentially may transmit deadly diseases, such as Zika fever or Dengue fever

SMP S4-L Laser Bird Control Robot

- Robot equipped with one of the most modern systems for bird control: laser bird deterrent system

- Laser beam imitates approach of small animal to birds and make birds to leave an area

- Safe for humans, animals, vehicles and aircrafts

- May be equipped with many other bird control equipment for additional effeciency
SMP S4-H Hazer Bird Control Robot

- Creates light and almost invisible haze which is completely safe for people and animals but recognized as a danger by birds

- Effectively and safely protects fields, orchards and industrial sites against birds eating crops and polluting properties

- Safe for aircrafts and may be used in airports

- Additional equipment may be installed to increase effectiveness or to enlarge functionality

- Hazing equipment may be combines with security cameras and sensors making an ideal solution for a number of your problems

SMP S4-S Sonic Net Bird Control Robot

- Sonic Net System creates a sound, almost unheard
by humans but preventing communication of birds. Birds feel uncomfortable when lose opportunity to communicate with each other. They are scarred and leave a protected area

- Green solution safe for people, animals and birds

- Robot delivers sound system where you need it providing effective protection of your crops and your property and saving you much money

- Various optional bird control devices may be combined on one robot providing ultimate protection against birds when and where you need it
SMP S7 Virtual Telepresence Robot

- Best solution for safari parks or for touristic complexes

- Robots autonomously moves along a prescribed route and transmits a live video picture to a remote spectator who pays for such adventure

- Ability to control camera provides spectators with feeling of full presence at the scene

- Safe for people, animals and vehicles. May be used together with usual visits of parks without necessity of special preparations

- May be used as a security solution during night time

SMP A5 All Terrain 4WD Hard Conditions Robot

- Completely waterproof all-terrain platform designed to be used in heavy off-road conditions: mud, deep sand, deep snow, etc.

- Permanent all wheels drive and unique turning systems allowing use of A5 robots on unprepared off-road surfaces

- Hermetic body and two powerful electric engines extend temperature and weather ranges of robots

- Designed to solve really heavy tasks

- Available in February 2017
Optional Additional Equipment:
Automatic Charging Stations

Night and Thermal Cameras
Explosives Recognition Systems

License Plates Recognition Systems
Face Recognition Systems

Remote Identification Systems
And many more to fulfill your tasks...
We will be happy to tell you more about our robots!

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