S4 Bird Control Robots

A Laser Bird Deterrent System installed on this S4 Laser Bird Control Robot is intended to be applied on large open spaces, such as airports, golf courses, roofs, storage areas, lawns or agricultural fields.

The laser beam imitates a small animal which approaches a flock of birds by a ground. Birds recognize it as a danger and leave the place.

After repeated processing birds begin to connect the place with a danger, and move to another places to live. This laser system is totally safe for humans, for cattle and for aircrafts.

Robotized self-moving autonomous platform allows to increase a coverage of laser bird deterrent device by many times. Robot autonomously follows a pre-installed route from one point to another, automatically avoiding all obstacles, permanent or moving.

On each point the robot performs a bird deterrent process with the laser system and then goes to the next point to repeat the job there. The routes may be easily changed at any time to get the best protection of your site against birds.

4 built-in navigation systems allow the robot to move autonomously and with no necessity of any supervision. When a robot meets any obstacle, such as a walking human, the robot's obstacle avoidance system immediately stops the robot and drive him around the obstacle. So, it is completely safe to use S4 robot even in populated area together with humans, vehicles or animals.

S4 robots are weather-proof and may be effectively used in various weather conditions, day and night. When the robot's power becomes low, it automatically returns to a charging station. If you use an optional wireless charging station, the robot will not need any your attention or supervision for weeks!

S4 robots are almost silent and are able to move by any more-or-less flat surface, by roads or off-roads. The robots have a long operational distance, easy-to-operate and need only small maintenance from time to time.

Autonomous robot with a laser system – it sounds like very expensive thing, doesn't it? But actually it is very cost-efficient and effective bird control solution for almost all large land lots and roofs!

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Several Models of Bird Control Robots Are Available:
Laser Bird Control Robot
Deters birds with a laser beam imitating approach of a small animal to birds
Hazer Bird Control Robot
Creates invisible haze, safe for people but annoying to birds, making birds to fly away
Sonic Net Bird Control Robot
Generates a sound preventing communication of birds and making them scared
All our bird control solutions are green and safe for humans, animals and birds.
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