RHINO Security Robot

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RHINO was developed around these core ideas:
Easy integration with your existing security system and your security protocols.
Ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions, day and night.
Extended space for your equipment inside and outside and easy integration and installation of many types of equipment.
Extreme maneuverability.
Simplicity and reliability.
Low cost.
What you'll get
RHINO outdoor security robot combines the following advantages to make your work with robots easy, cost efficient, effective, and profitable for you:
Durable, heavy-duty metal body protected against dust, dirt and rain.
Two powerful electric engines with optional hybrid (gas/propane + electric) engine options for dramatic increase of operating time.
Highest maneuverability – a radius of the U-turn is less than 4'.
Safely operates in total darkness.
Super-accurate navigation without necessity of additional radio beacons along a patrolling route.
Easy to deploy on virtually any site, literally in minutes.
Safe to use around humans, cars, trucks, lift-trucks and in areas where accuracy and safety for surroundings is essential (car parking lots, etc.), thanks to a superior obstacle avoidance system.
Easy to integrate additional equipment, passive or active such as: thermal cameras, recognition systems, sound deterrents, pepper sprays, etc.
Easy to setup or adjust patrolling routes.
Easy to operate.
Quick switch between automatic and manual mode allows security operators distantly patrolling a route to inspect suspicious areas or to chase intruders and return to patrolling route.
360-degree, permanent day/night-vision surveillance with live transmission to monitoring room and recording to built-in DVR.
Long lasting batteries for long patrolling routes.
Unlimited number of way points on patrolling routes.
Hundreds of possible applications in many industries and upgrades with additional equipment options.
Encrypted communication and data transfer. US-written software protected against hacking attacks.

Proudly developed and made in New Jersey, USA

Optional Equipment
Just some of the many available options:
Lithium-Iron-Phosphate batteries
Increase time between charging and operation range.
Hybrid power supply system
Dramatically increases operation range and lifetime.
PTZ cameras
Manually controlled or robotized with detection of movement. Increase options of 360 degree view and zooming to an object.
Long-distance cameras
Increase effective range of surveillance.
ID-recognition systems
For a quick remote identification of non-authorized staff and intruders.
Thermal cameras
Improve surveillance at night and in tough weather conditions, also may be utilized for detection of overheated power equipment at power plants and power lines.
Gas leaks detectors
Allow to detect gas leaks.
Automated mast for cameras
Increase visible range and avoid obstacles such as cars.
Flying drone
Obtains bird-view pictures and video for increased range of surveillance and chasing intruders.
Heating and cooling systems
For better performance in outranged temperature conditions.
Sound Pike system
For active response to intrusion, deterrence of intruders based on very loud tightly directed sound stroke.
Pepper spray system
For active response to intrusion.
Active moving turrets
Automated or manually aimed. Allow the addition of remotely activated systems for active response to intrusion, such as paintball guns, Tasers, sound devices, guns, etc.
Bird control systems
For combined protection of property against intruders and pest birds.
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