Frequently Asked Questions
— Are these robots at the concept stage or is this a real product?
— Our robots are fully operational and completely ready to ship.

You can obtain a robot with standard equipment or order an installation of additional equipment to fulfill your unique requirements.

— How can I get a robot which will fulfil my tasks?
— You need to contact Make Em Move Robotics and tell us about your needs and about the property where you are going to use our robots. Our engineers will discuss with you a configuration of a robot suitable for you.

Once sign a contract with you, you place an order and we ship a robot to you within 3-60 days (depending on configuration).
— What is an operating time of robots between charging?
— In standard operation mode (a mix of movement and stops) with standard Lead-Acid 100ah batteries it is about 6-8 hours, depending on a route (number of turns, hills, etc.) and weather conditions.

With optional Lithium-Iron-Phosphate 120ah batteries an operating time in standard operation mode is about 10-14 hours.

The operating time of a hybrid-powered version is limited only by capacity of a tank and lasts 48 hours and even more.
— If the robot detects an intruder how does it inform security officers about it?
— It depends on how you would like to detect intruders and how you would like to be informed. In general, when sensors recognize someone as an illegal intruder, a robot transmits a warning sign to a security guard post.
— Will robot work with my video management system?
— With the standard configuration, we install on our robots IP-cameras and DVRs compatible to the ONVIF standard.

Our main focus is to integrate our robots into your existing security system. There is no need to change your current VMS.

We will learn about VMS you use and we'll integrate a robot into your existing system. If you don't have a security system at all, we can recommend and install it for you.
— Can robots work in the rain? What is the temperature range of operation with robots?
— Yes. Our robots are weatherproof and can work during rain and snow.

Rhino robots drive in puddles and snow up to 4 inches deep. However these robots cannot operate in water deeper than 5 inches. If you require full waterproof robots (e.g. you need to cross water streams), we will be glad to propose additional protection.

The operating temperature range is from -10 F to +120 F. If this wide range of temperature is not enough we can extend it by proposing optional heating or cooling solutions.
— If an intruder is detected, can security officers drive the robot remotely to the scene?
— Yes, they can drive the robot to a scene using remote control which operates by radio channel or by wi-fi channel.
— Can robots chase intruders automatically?
— No.

In most situations it's enough to detect an intruder and send a security guard to the scene or chase the intruder with the robot in manual mode using remote control options.

As an option, you can install an active protection system (such as a pepper spray or a sound deterrent) to the robot.
— Can I operate robots at night time?
— Yes. Rhino robots need no lights to work.
— How does the robot transmit data from cameras? How does the robot exchange data with the control post?
— The standard way to exchange all data between robots and security guard post (or operator) is via wi-fi channel. If you don't have a wi-fi network on your site, we can install it.

As an option, robots also may be equipped with 4G LTE, TV white space, radio, or satellite communication modules.
— Are your robots safe for people?
— Yes. All robots are equipped with sensors preventing any harm to humans or to animals when robots drive in automatic mode. It is safe to use robots on sites populated with people and/or animals.

There are some safety rules which you must obey when you drive a robot in manual mode, because in manual mode you fully control the robot.
— Can I drive robots manually?
— Yes. You can drive robots using a remote control panel or using a joystick with a computer connected to the robot.

— How much time does it take to set up a route for a robot?
— Depending on the length of a route and its complexity, our trained engineers can set up a simple route literally in seconds.

Building a long and complicated route may take anywhere from several hours to several days including prep work.
— Can I buy a robot?
— Yes. You can place an order right now.
— Can I lease a robot?
— No, currently we don't offer a lease option.
— Do you have financing options?
— Yes. We do propose several convenient financing options together with our financing partners. Contact us to get to know more about financing.
— How can I get a robot? What is the procedure?
— Please contact us and tell us about your property and security needs. Our engineers will discuss all available options your requirements with you and will configure a robot that meets all your needs. We will also discuss any additional equipment you can add.

After we sign a contract and receive payment we'll ship the robot to you within 60 days.

Our engineers will assist you with the installation of robots at your place. We'll train your staff. We'll set up routes. We'll show you all the ins and outs and we'll provide you with support as you continue to operate the robot.
— Do I need a special license or permission to drive a robot?
— No. Our robots don't require any permission or license to drive.

However we require each person who operates a robot to attend a simple basic training related to safety rules and driving specifics.

Please note that our robots are designed to be used off of public roads only and are not intended to be used on public streets.

— Can I use your robots indoor?
— Technically, yes. At the same time, please note that if you want to use our robots indoor in automatic mode it will require installation of an additional navigation system.

Our robots were designed to be used outdoor on paved or unpaved unprepared surface.

We believe that there are many more cost efficient options to provide security indoors than robots.
— Is the body of a robot tough enough to be used outdoors?
— It is made of steel, so it is firm more than tough enough.

— Can I sit on top of a robot and ride it?
— Technically, yes. However it is very unsafe and may cause serious harm to both you and the robot. We strictly prohibit sitting on robots or riding on top of robots.

Please do not try this at home or anywhere else.
— How long does it take to get a robot?
— Usually we ship robots within 30-60 days after payment. In many cases we can ship a robot with a standard configuration within 3-5 working days.
— How I can learn to drive a robot?
— If you obtain a robot from us our engineers will provide you with all the necessary training.
— How can I become a distributor? Can I become your distributor in another country?
— Yes, we are open for cooperation. Please contact us to get to know terms and conditions.

If you become a distributor of MEM Robotics you'll need to purchase at least two robots to use them for demos and training. Also, you'll be required to invest into training your staff and organizing a facility for maintenance of robots.

— Is it difficult to maintain a robot?
— Our robots require very little or no everyday attention. Some maintenance procedures are required every 3-6 months depending on conditions where robots are being used.

— What if my robot breaks?
— We'll try to fix a problem remotely asap. If it isn't possible, our engineer will arrive to you within 24 hours to fix the problem.
— How can I see your robots in action? Can you make a demonstration for me?
— You are invited to visit our office in Lakewood, NJ and see our robots in real action.

Due to very high demand, demonstration sessions should be appointed in advance. Please contact us to schedule your demonstration session.
— Is Make Em Move a US company?
— Yes. We are family owned and operate out of an office in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Rhino Outdoors Security Robots were designed and are being proudly produced in New Jersey, US.
— I'm looking for employment in your company.
— Currently we have very limited employment opportunities. However if you are the best of the best and know how you can bring essential benefits to our company, please contact us to discuss possible cooperation with you.
— How can I make money with you?
— You can become our distributor.

If you are a security company you can provide robotized security services to your customers.

You can sell us equipment which we can install on our robots.

You can provide us with advertising, PR or other services which can help us work better.

Please contact us and we'll be glad to discuss possible cooperation.
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