Frequently Asked Questions
— Is it concept or real product?
— Our robots are completely ready products. We've spent more than six years to develop them and now this is absolutely ready for market product.

You can obtain a robot with standard equipment or order installation of additional equipment to fulfill your unique requirements.

We are able to produce up to 50 robots per month now and we are going to increase this number very soon.
— How can I get a robot able to fulfil my tasks?
— You need to contact Make Em Move Robotics and tell us about your tasks and about sites where you are going to use robots. Our engineers will discuss with you a configuration of a robot suitable for you.

After that we sign a contract with you, you place an order and we deliver a robot to you within 60 days.
— What is an operating time of robots between charging?
— In standard operation mode with standard Lead-Acid 100ah batteries it is about 20-24 hours, depending on a route (number of turns, hills, etc.) and weather conditions.

With optional Iron-Phosphate 120ah batteries an operating time in standard operation mode is up to 36 hours and even more.
— If robot detects intruder, how it inform security officers about it?
— It depends on how you would like to detect intruders and how you would like to be informed. In general, when sensors recognize someone as illegal intruder, a robot transmits a warning sign to a security guard post.
— Will robot work with my video management system?
— We install on our robots cameras compatible with ONVIF standard.

Our main idea is to integrate robots into your exsisting security system. We absolutely clear understand that you shouldn't change your VMS due to one robot (or several ones).

So, tell us about VMS you use, and we will integrate a robot into your VMS. And if you don't have any security system, we can install it for you also.
— How robot recognizes an obstacle? What robot do if something (or someone) is on its way?
— All robots are equipped with several front and rear sensors preventing collisions with obstacles. Such sensors and algorithms of their work are unique inventions of SMP Robotics.

If a robot meets an obstacle, the robot moves around such obstacle.

If it isn't possible due to a lack of free space, the robot stops and wait untill the obstacle (e.g. a truck during loading at a dock) moves away. In this case an operator also can connect to the robot and drive the robot around the obstacle manually, if the operator wants to do it.
— Can I hear what happens around robot? Can I speak to someone who is near to robot?
— Yes, with a simple and cheap additional equipment. You just need to tell us your requirements (how far you'd like to hear and speak), and we'll install a relevant equipment on your robot.
— Can robots work under a rain? What is the temperature range of operation with robots?
— Yes. Robots are weatherproof and can work under a rain and snow.

Robots of S5 series can drive in puddles and snow up to 4 inches deep. It is more than enough in 99% of situations and applications. However these robots are not waterproof. So you can't drive them into a water of 5 inches deep and deeper. If your tasks require full waterproof of robots (e.g. you need to cross water streams), we will be happy to propose you robots of A5 series on February 2017.

We successfully tested our robots within a range from -10 F to +120 F. We tested them in Russia in winter and in Dubai in summer. So, the temperature range is very wide. If you need to extend it, we can propose optional heating or cooling solutions.
— If an intruder is detected, can security officers drive robot remotely to the scene?
— Yes, they can drive a robot to a scene using remote control which operates by radio channel or by wi-fi channel.
— Can robots chase intruders automatically?
— Yes, but this is an optional extension, because it requires attitional hardware.

In most situations it's enough to detect an intruder and send a security guard to the scene or to chase the intruder with the robot in manual mode using remote control options.
— Can I operate robots in a night time?
— Yes. If a route of a route is lighted, you don't need additional equipment. If some parts of the route are not lighted enough, you may install radio beacons there. In this case robot can drive even in complete darkness.
— How robot transmit data from cameras? How robot exchange data with control post?
— The standard way to exchange all data between robots and security guard post (or operator) is wi-fi channel. If you don't have a wi-fi network on your site, we can install it.

As an option, robots also may be equipped with 4G LTE or Satellite modules and transmit all data via cell or satellite channels.
— Are your robots safe for people?
— Yes. All robots are equipped with many sensors, preventing any harm to humans or to animals when robots drive in automatic mode. So it is completely save to use robots on sites together with people or animals.

At the same time, there are some safety rules which you must obey when you drive a robot in a manual mode, because in manual mode you fully control the robot.
— Can I drive robots manually?
— Yes. You can drive robots using a radio remote control panel or you can drive robots with almost any Android-based smartphone or tablet PC by Bluetooth or wi-fi.

Also some additional options are available depending on tasks you need to solve.
— How much time it take to set up a route for a robot?
— Depending on a length of a route and its complexity. Our trained engineers set simple routes literally in seconds.

Building of long and complicated route may take several hours including preparation works.
— Can I buy a robot?
— We usually don't sell robots. You can lease them. However if you'd like to buy a large quantity of robots (more than 10) it can be discussed.
— Can I lease a robot?
— Yes. You can lease robots and we'll provide you with all necessary support, trainings and maintenance during the lease term.

A minimal lease term is 12 months.
— Do I need a special license or permission to drive a robot?
— No. Currently our robots don't require any permission or license to drive.

However we require each person who operates a robot to attend a simple basic training related to safety rules and driving specifics.

Please note that our robots are designed to be used out of public roads only (however we can try to find solutions when robots' routes cross public roads).
— Can I use your robots indoor?
— Technically, yes. At the same time, please note that if you want to use our robots indoor in automatic mode it will require installation of radio beacons.

Our robots are designed to be used outdoor (and as of September 2016 they are only robots in the World, who can correctly operate automatically outdoor on uneven surface without special preparation of surface).

We believe that there are many more cost efficient options to provide security indoors than robots.
— Is a body of a robot robust enough to be used outdoor?
— It is firm enough. We tested the top cover under pressure more than 200 lbs without any negative consequences (please do not try this at home).

During our tests we have experienced a situation when a large cow kicked our robot very hard. And nothing bad happened to the robot.
— Can I seat on top of a robot and ride it?
— Technically, yes. But it is very unsafe and may cause serious harm both to you and to the robot. So, we are strictly prohibit sitting on robots or riding on top of robots.

Please do not try this at home or anywhere else.
— How long it takes to get a robot?
— Usually we deliver robots within 60 days after finalizing configuring them and signing a contract.
— How can I get a robot? What is a procedure?
— Please contact us and tell us your tasks. Our engineers will discuss all your requirements with you and will configure a robot for you. We will also discuss an additional equipment with you, if your tasks require it.

After this we'll sign a contract with you. After your prepayment for the first months of lease we'll deliver a robot to you within 60 days.

Our engineers will assist you in installation of robots at your place. We'll train your staff. We'll set up routes. We'll show you all ins and outs. And we'll provide you with support during the whole term of lease.
— How I can learn to drive a robot?
— If you obtain a robot from us and you are a person who will be involved in operation of robots, our engineers will provide you with all necessary trainings.
— How can I become a distributor? Can I become you distributor in another country?
— Please contact us. We usually have one distributor in each state. Please contact us to get to know availability and to discuss terms and conditions.

If you would like to be our distributor outside US, it is possible taking into consideration some limitations. Some countries are not available because we already have distributors there and some countries are not available due to various legal restrictions.

If you become a distributor of Make Em Move Robotics or SMP Robotics, you will need to purchase at least one robot to use it in demonstrations. You will also be required to invest into training of your staff and organizing a facility and transport for maintenance of robots.
— Is it difficult to maintain a robot?
— Our robots require very small or almost none everyday attention. Some maintenance procedures are required every 3-6 months depending on conditions where robots are being used.

If you lease a robot from us or from our distributor, we provide you with all required scheduled maintenance with no extra charge.
— What if my robot breaks?
— We will try to fix a problem remotely asap. If it isn't possible, our engineer will arrive to you within 24 hours to fix the problem.
— On your website you speak about Make Em Move Robotics and SMP Robotics. What is the difference? How these companies are related?
— SMP Robotics is a San Francisco company which invented the robots and manufactures the main parts of the robots.

Make Em Move Robotics is a company based in Lakewood, New Jercey. MEM Robotics is a master distributor of SMP Robotics at the East Coast. We also assemble robots and develop and manufacture various equipment to install it on robots. MEM Robotics provides training, maintanance, support and many other things related to robots.

Make Em Move Robotics is a subdivision of Make Em Move Manufacturing and Flock Free Bird Control - companies which for many years develop and manufacture systems and services for bird control and mosquito control.
— Is Make Em Move a US company?
— Yes. We are family owned and operated US company with the office in Lakewood, New Jersey.
— How I can see your robots in action? Can you make a demonstration for me?
— You a very welcome to visit our office in Lakewood, NJ and see our robots in real action.

We also can make a demonstration of robots at your site at any continental part of the United States.

Due to very high demand, in both cases demonstration sessions should be appointed in advance. Please contact us to schedule your demonstration session.
— How can I make money with you?
— You can become our distributor.

Also, if you are a security company, you can provide robotized security services to your customers together with usual physical security or security surveillance services.

You can install network equipment on sites of our customers.

You can sell us an equipment which we can install on robots.

You can provide us with advertising, PR or other services which can help us to work better.

Please contact us and we'll be glad to discuss possible cooperation.
— I'm looking for employment in your company.
— Currently we have very limited employment opportunities. However if you are the best of the best and you do know how you can bring essential benefits to our company, please contact us, and, maybe, we'll discuss possible cooperation with you.
More questions?
We will be happy to tell you more about our robots!

Contact us now and get to know how robots can help you to solve your tasks!

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