S8 Mosquito Control Robot

S8 Mosquito Control Robot is equipped with one of the most modern and effective mosquito trap designed for an ultimate control over mosquitoes and other flying insects who potentially may transmit deadly diseases, such as Zika fever or Dengue fever, on your property.

Unlike mosquito misting systems, which use a special chemical spray, S8 Mosquito Control Robot's trap is absolutely innoxious and does not require any additional safety measures. It is completely safe for humans, animals and plants. However it is extremely dangerous for mosquitoes, sand flies and other flying biting insects

The trap imitates a live animal for mosquitos and attracts insects using all their senses. The trap uses smell, light, UV-light, heat, movement and even CO2 to imitate human or animal behavior for mosquitos and other flying insects and to attract these pests to a capture area, where they will be caught and securely locked inside the trap.

S8 fully autonomous self-moving robot delivers the trap exactly where you need it when you need it. This increases a coverage of the trap in hundreds time in comparison with immovable analogs.

So, you don't need to use many mosquito traps anymore. You just set a route for your robot, and don't worry about the mosquito problem. The robot will catch mosquitos on a one route point, then he will go to the next route point and catch mosquitos there, then to another point, and so on.

With 4 unique built-in navigation systems S8 robot will move autonomously by the prescribed route, avoiding any obstacles, such as people or golf carts. Robot will remember the route and follow it day and night in all weather conditions – many hours without a rest or lunch breaks. If you need to adjust a route, it may be done in seconds.

When the battery power decreases low, the robot will return to charging point automatically. And if you use an optional wireless charging system, you don't need to pay attention to your robot at all – he just does his job day-by-day and does it pretty well without any supervision!

And, of course, as a crux of the biscuit, you will be able to proudly say that a health of your visitors is protected by the most modern hi-tech robots. Sounds like a sci-fi book, but it is the reality already now!

It is an ideal mosquito control solution for large territories, such as golf courses, country clubs, resorts, or estates.
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