S5 Security Surveillance Robot

Meet the state-of-the-art world's first S5 Security Surveillance Robot!

This robot combines one of the best in the world CCTV security surveillance system with the fully autonomous robotized self-moving platforms.

7 cameras of this robot, including one PTZ moving camera with x28 optical zoom, provide security officers on a guard post with a sharp and high-quality picture while the robot moves along a prescribed patrolling route or stands on a specified observation point.

Robot automatically follows his route from one observation point to following ones. Robot stays on observation points a specified time and provides security officers with a live 360 degrees live video stream. When a robot detects an intruder or any moving, his PTZ camera zooms on such occurrence allowing security officers to make a quick decision.

If necessary, a robot's route or attributes of any observation point may be adjusted literally in seconds. Automatic change of routes, depending on schedule, are also available.

S5 robot has 4 built-in navigation systems allowing him to follow a route in the most accurate way and an obstacle avoidance system. When a robot meets obstacle, such as a human or a car, the robot automatically bypasses such obstacle. So, it is completely safe to use S5 robot even in populated area together with humans, vehicles or animals.

The robot is weather-proof and may be used almost in all conditions, day and night, year around. S5 robot is designed to be used on paved surfaces or in light off-road conditions (such as lawns or flat ground).

S5 robots may be easily integrated into your existing security system. They may work together with your security officers or replace some of your security staff. Robots don't need vacations, holidays, sick-leaves, and may work around o'clock with only short breaks for charging.
Also these robots are very cost-effective solution due to combination of their high performance and your savings of labor costs, taxes and other related costs.

Various options are available, such as staff recognition wireless id-markers, night infrared cameras, night route markers, high-capacity batteries, wireless charging stations and many others.

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